I'm Claude Wild, a passionate creative designer who has been working in product development for theme parks and ticketing for over 10 years. I specialize in Usability and Solution Architecture for software. I'm also a Mobile Game & App Developer, Web Designer, a nutrition nut, and a father to three amazing children.

10yrs of Theme Park Ticketing

I spent the last decade leading multiple teams in Design, Development, and Usability Architect for accesso, one of the leading companies in the field. I've worked on-site with clients such as Six Flags and have been part of the global launch of ticketing for Merlin Entertainment.

Usability & Solutions Architect

I have a unique understanding of design and development to help build better user experiences in our products and provide support to our teams in creating more friendly and accessible interfaces with which to work.
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Mobile Game & App Developer

As a hobby I design and develop mobile games and apps. I've completed 6 apps total for both iOS and Android with one of my games having over 15,000 registered players. I develop using multiple languages including React-Native, ActionScript3, and PHP.

Projects & Work

Royal Caribbean
Technical Lead & React Native Developer
Software Engineer II - React Native Developer
Designer, Senior Manager, Architect
Gladiator: Rise of Legends
Multiplayer Game on iOS and Android
Web Design & Development
Holdem Poker
Poker Odds & Positioning App for iOS and Android
APEX Legends Companion
Companion App for the APEX Legends Game on iOS and Android
Rubiks Duel
A Player vs Player Puzzle race for iOS and Android
Bartering App for iOS and Android
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Royal Caribbean

Technical Lead for FE/BE/QA team creating a React-Native mobile application that enabled Crew Members to chat, get news feeds, events, and ship details. I worked with Product and Design in integrating SCRUM/AGILE and Usability processes into our work flow.

Technical Chops
Usability, Documentation, Architecture, Product Development, Technical Feasiblity Rev iews

Development Knowledge
React-Native, Redux/Saga, Realm, XMPP

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React Native Developer working on the Mattermost Mobile app; an alternative to Slack based on stronger encryption and security for its users. Main focus in this position was working on UI elements of the application and some Redux and Realm integration.

Development Knowledge
React-Native, Redux, Realm

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Starting as a design assistant at accesso in 2009, I quickly became a UI Engineer and within a few short years was Manager for Front-end Development. As the company grew, so did my role within and as a Senior Manager I led a team of 21 developers in developing and maintaining over two dozen applications. In 2017 I took on the role of Usability Architect and implemented a design process into our development cycle based around Human Centered Design.

Design Chops
Photoshop, Sketch, Illustrator, Invision Studio, SuperNova, After Effects

Development Knowledge
React-Native, PHP, ActionScript2/3, Objective-C, JSON, XML, HTML/CSS

Usability Process
Observation & Interviews, Personas, ADA Compliance, User Flows, Usability Design Documentation, Prototyping

GROL Game Image

Gladiator: Rise of Legends

Gladiator: Rise of Legends is a Player vs Player game where you take on the role of a Gladiator and fight other within the Arena. You develop your character over time, building their equipment and skills specific to your own fighting style and then compete for awards against other players. Players can join others within a ludus (Clan/Guild) or build their own story alone. The game has over 15,000 players currently and continues to grow.

I designed and developed the game with the very talented Steve Nedley doing the character art. The current game is written in ActionScript 3.0, with a PHP backend using AMFPHP and the database in MySQL. We are in the process of GROL 2.0, being written in React-Native, Three.js, with Firebase and an integrated PHP/JSON backend.

Development Knowledge
React-Native, PHP, ActionScript3, JSON

Check out the website @ grolgame.com
NijaFaith Image


NijaFaith.com is a website for Salon Owner & Hairstylist Nija'. The site acts as a portfolio for her work and was designed and developed by me.

Check out the website @ nijafaith.com
Poker App Image

Texas Holdem Positioning Odds

This Texas Holdem app is designed to help new-intermediate players learn the value of positioning in Holdem. It provides statistical odds for starting hands and recommendations on what action to take based on your table position. I've designed and developed this app myself and it's expected release date in in April 2019. It will be a free app on the iOS and Android store fronts and React-Native was used to develop this app.

APEX App Image

Companion App for APEX Legends

This app was built to be a companion for the APEX Legends game which came out in February 2019. It details the characters (Legends), weapons, maps and tips. The app was completed in late February, but has not been released due to legal permissions still being sought. This app will be released for free on the iOS and Android store fronts and was developed in React-Native.

Development Knowledge
React-Native, XML

Rubiks Duel App Image

Rubiks Duel

Rubiks Duel is a Player vs Player game where you are competing in live or timed trials against other players to complete a puzzle pattern using a rubiks board layout. This game was designed and developed by me using React-Native. This application is still in development!

Development Knowledge
React-Native, Redux, Firebase

Barter App Image


This app was built as a marketplace for users to trade goods and services with eachother. The app is developed in React Native with Redux and a PHP to MySQL backend. Overall logo and design was done by me along with development.

Development Knowledge
React-Native, Redux, PHP, MySQL, JSON

Get in touch

I'm in sunny Florida, come join me or call/text/high-five me!